Title of the book: Decoding of the religion of Ancient Egypt



Is the religion of Ancient Egypt the reflection of an insane civilization as some Egyptologists of the last centuries have stated or does it hide a real doctrine that competes in splendor with the imposing pyramids?

The author reveals the psychological meaning of the deities as he analyses their interactions as psychological parameters. He shows that this enigmatic religion is much closer to exact science than it is to esotericism or to futility. The credibility of this decoding is based on the fact that it forms a logical and coherent unity and that it defends itself throughout the chapters of the Ancient Egyptian Book Of The Dead.

Reconsidered in this light, the Osirian religion becomes a real gold mine with unsuspected richness, capable of restructuring our modern vision of the world on a serious and reliable basis.

De la psychologie

la religion de

l'Egypte Ancienne

From psychology

to the religion of

Ancient Egypt

Decoding of the religion of Ancient Egypt
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