Roland Khater was born in Lebanon on 22 June 1955. Having studied psychology, he has been in charge of different social centers. He worked with orphans, difficult children, social cases and delinquents.


Having in parallel a training in architecture, he worked in the construction field as contractor and responsible of technical department.


It is perhaps the convergence of two works, one in an important investment sector and the other in the field of psychology, that helped him to develop a psychoanalytical logic that places the role of personal interests and the role of the will at the forefront of the psychological dynamics.


He presents this logic, which introduces the interest as a main parameter of the personal psychology, in his book "THE SELF AND THE FORMATION OF THE UNCONSCIOUS".


This logic allowed him to read in an understandable way the Ancient Egyptian Book Of The Dead of which he proposed a deciphering in his book "DECODING OF THE RELIGION OF ANCIENT EGYPT".


Because of the rich horizons of this logic of interests and because of its ability to explain the psychological dynamics from a new angle, the author wanted to build this website in order to share his ideas in the most direct and broadest way.

De la psychologie

la religion de

l'Egypte Ancienne

From psychology

to the religion of

Ancient Egypt

Introduction to Roland Khater's writings
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